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Information Technology Student at Penn State University


     Hello my name is Justin Sommer. I am currently a college student at Penn State University. I am working on a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology. I finished my first semester with a 3.71 GPA. In High School I was also an "A" student. I attended Whitehall High School from 2009 until 2013. While at Whitehall I was the captain of the Cross Country and Track & Field Teams. I was also a member of the National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Leo Club, and the London Club. I am a very hard worker and always put as much effort as I possibly can into everything I possibly can.

     When I'm not in school I have a few activities, that I like to do, to keep myself busy. I have a great enjoyment with writing code for websites and other programs. I feel like I am good at it and if you want to test that theory please check out my portfolio. I also go for runs and bike as much as I can. I enjoy nature and running to see the world. Speaking of seeing the world I went to see Italy and Greece this past summer. You can check the photos out on my Facebook. During the summer I work at my church as a groundskeeper. I maintain the property and make it look beautiful!

     When it comes to technology I am a huge Apple fan. I keep up with current Apple products, release dates, and software & hardware updates. Even though Apple is my favorite I have other technology companies that I like to hear about. I like to see what Microsoft and Google create and how they change the world. It always makes me happy to see what people are capable of creating and changing for the better. Technology is a wonderful thing and as time moves own our technology grows and improves. I look forward to see what is thought of in years to come.


Whitehall Cross Country
Whitehall High School Cross Country Team website was completed by Justin in December of 2012. The Whitehall Cross Country team is a member of the Eastern Pennsylvania Athletic Conference and competes to win. This website provides people with team information, social network updates, and documents and forms needed for a student athlete to compete.
My Portfolio Website
My portfolio website was completed by Justin in March of 2014. You are currently on the website that I am talking about here. It has gone over many design changes and as for now I am happy with its success and display.




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