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My Penn State Page
Whitehall Cross Country
My Penn State personal webpage was redesigned in November of 2015. This is where some of my web design coursework is posted or where I send people to see my work. This is the first site I have done with a video background.   Whitehall High School Cross Country Team website was completed in December of 2012. This website provides people with team information, social network updates, and documents needed for a student-athlete to compete.
My Portfolio   My Old Portfolio
My Portfolio Website
My Old Portfolio Website
My portfolio website was completed in March of 2014 and redone in November of 2014. You are currently on the website that I am talking about here. It has gone over many design changes and as for now I am happy with its success and display.   My old portfolio website was designed in March of 2014. It was replaced by this current website in November of 2014. I just wanted to post this to show where I have come from and some of the website ideas I have.
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